Do you know that –

The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself?

The only person you can change is yourself, though most of us are preoccupied with changing others?

When you take responsibility for your own reactions, you can heal old wounds, learn and grow and stop repeating the same painful patterns?

Working with me, you will have the opportunity to –

  • Learn to listen to yourself and stop ignoring what is going on within you.
  • Discover and use the power, love and wisdom within you.
  • Learn and grow and find meaning and purpose.
  • Enjoy life, embrace it and live purposefully.
  • Become aware of your fears and learn how to manage them rather than be controlled by them.
  • Experience increase of love for yourself and others.
  • Realise what it means to be at the helm of your ship and living your best life.

Daily Tips for week beginning 25th April 2016

Personal power is not about aggression or dominating and controlling others or situations. It’s not about besting others or getting your own way.

Personal power is about direction, discipline, courage, motivation, determination, focus, single-mindedness, decisiveness.

We can only be really effective in life when we claim and use our personal power.

You can’t help yourself if you don’t own your personal power.

Power can be used for good or evil and so we need to be sure to always use it in service of love.


Daily Tips for week beginning 18th April 2016

  Personal Power is essential to our psychological and spiritual health. When you are not owning your personal power, you are a victim. Personal power is about taking charge of yourself and the thoughts you allow into your mind and the thoughts you don’t allow into your mind. Remember your thoughts create your reality. Personal […]

Attachment to the Past

Why do we find it so hard to let go of the past, to let go of old experiences and the way we interpret them? Why do we find it so hard to listen to new ideas, new ways of thinking? So many people live in the past – remembering hurts, old wounds, believing nobody […]

Daily Tips for week beginning 11th April 2016

  Fear gets stronger as you feed it. You think about the thing you fear, you talk about it, imagine it happening. You are giving it life. Your fear increases. Anger/resentment/hurt get stronger as you feed them. You think back to what that person said or did and you get even angrier, more hurt. We […]

Daily Tips for week beginning 4th April 2016  

  Nobody can make me feel anything unless I allow this – unless I give them this power. So long as we don’t master our emotions we just get pushed around by the storms and challenges of life and we suffer, we feel powerless, a victim. We stay in the suffering and think it’s our […]

Daily Tips for week beginning 28th March 2016

Another  person can trigger your feelings of hurt or anger.  The cause is your belief that the person put you down by their criticism or anger. The effect of your belief is hurt/anger. Once we take it on that the cause of the negative feeling is within us, then we have the power to make […]